What is Qilin?

Qilin is a new pointer (or alias) analysis framework designed for supporting fine-grained context-sensitivity for Java programs precisely, efficiently, and modularly. Qilin enables different variables/objects in a method to be analysed under different context abstractions at the variable level, by supporting naturally the traditional method-level context-sensitivity as a special case.

For a pointer analysis framework that works for C and C++, we refer to SVF.

What kind of analyses does Qilin provide?

Qilin's toolbox includes already a rich set of pointer analyses for supporting (1) insens (Andersen's context-insensitive analysis), (2) all common flavors of method-level context-sensitivity as listed below: and (3) many flavors of fine-grained context-sensitivity, enabled by different pre-analyses such as: A full list of pointer analyses that are currently supported by Qilin can be found here.

In addition, Qilin can also be used to construct callgraphs for Java programs.

Finally, Qilin can be easily extended to handle Android applications. Work is underway ...

How to setup Qilin?

Please download the source code of Qilin and refer to this step-by-step guide to setup Qilin.

How to run Qilin?

Qilin analyses a Java program by taking its class files or Jar files as input. Please refer to this user guide to run Qilin with a simple example and generate the analysis outputs on your local machine.

Alternatively, we have also prepared a docker image for you to run Qilin on any machine with Docker installed. Please refer to this step-by-step guide to try Qilin in a Docker container.


Please refer to this documentation and our ECOOP'22 paper to understand the internal working of Qilin.

You are welcome to use Qilin for research and development purposes under the license given. However, we would request you to kindly cite our ECOOP'22 paper, and possibly other relevant papers also listed below.

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GPL v2.1